Demolition day 1

After nearly a year, the construction of my new dream home has finally begun. As with any construction project. Day 1 is demolition of the existing structure. Demolition is carried out by Tony Cantalena and his crew from Lanor Disposal Inc.

First order of the business is to get rid of all those ugly shrubs.

Demolition Day 1

Here is the first piece of the old house coming down.

Demolition Day 1

Here’s a video of the small excavator tore the first few large piece of the front porch away.

And here a time-lapse video of what was done on day 1. They’ve also removed the bricks on the side and at the back but is not included in this video.

And at the end of day 1 here is is what still remains of the old house.

Demolition Day 1

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