Broken bolt

The driveway was done pretty well. But I just discovered today that the concrete crew did break a bolt in the main cleanout cover when they were trying to fit it level. Of course I am not going to let a broken bolt sit in my driveway even though the cover doesn’t really move with the broken bolt. So here comes the tool that will help me extract the broken bolt – A left hand drill bit + screw extractor. I used this Neiko 10-Piece Alloy Screw Extractor Solid Cobalt Left Hand Drill Bits Set from So the idea is you use the left hand drill bit to drill a hole into the center of the screw in reverse direction. This way you drill a hole without having the possibility of driving the screw down further / tighter. Then you use the screw extractor which goes into the hole that you drilled to grab onto the remaining metal and slowly rotate the bolt out.

Broken bolt


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Driveway day 3

Now that the driveway is done, the crew is here to cut control joints on the concrete driveway. The reason for the control joint is a planned crack so that it cracks where you intend it to be. We are cutting once in the middle along the driveway and then just under 8′ apart across. Concrete driveway should have control joints cut within 12 hours of the pour. We poured the drive way late in the afternoon yesterday and the crew is here cutting in the morning.


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Driveway day 2

Concrete driveway work continues today. Here the wire mesh is laid out.


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Driveway day 1

Today, the crew from Belmont Concrete is here to do the concrete stairs and start on the concrete driveway. This is the form for the stairs. This is leading to the front entrance.

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Deck day 11

The deck is now finally completed. You might think that the deck is completed on the previous post. But no, all the fasteners are still exposed. Now all the screws are driven into the boards. And all the holes are not filled so that you can’t easily see any screw holes.


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Deck day 10

Deck work continues. The guard rail is now completed. Here you can see the gate to access underneath the deck with hardware installed.


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The Deck Guys are here and completed the fence. The fence is horizontal boarded using Micro Pro Sienna treated wood.



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Deck day 9

Deck work continues. Here you can see that the guard rail is almost fully cladded.


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Deck day 8

This is 8th day of deck building. Because there are two decks being built at the same time, the progress is slower than usual. Here you can see the guard rail is being cladded with deck boards.


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Deck day 7

Work on the deck continues today. The deck boards are now being installed as well as the two guardrails on both side of the deck.


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