Water meter inspection

City water services is here to inspect the water meter installation. They are happy with the installation and so I now officially have water.


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Water meter

Asked AV Mechanical to come and change some plumbing around the water meter to suite city’s requirement better. Here I’ve asked them to change the piping all the way to 1″ size so that it is consistent with the incoming size. Also two ball valves are installed before and after the water meter as an overall shut off. With my manifold system, I really don’t need a main shutoff after the water meter since I can shut off each component individually. But having a main shutoff is part of city’s requirement and it probably is better for me anyway.

Water meter

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Water meter installation

AV Mechanical is on site today to install the water meter. The water meter now requires a conduit to the exterior where a remote read out device can be installed. This is the conduit that comes out and the wiring for the remote read out device.

Water meter

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Plumbing day 10 & 11

AV mechanical is here to continue the plumbing work. Here we pulled those PEX lines out of the spray foam. I added a little spray foam just so that the gap we left behind from the PEX lines is covered.


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Plumbing rough in day 8

Plumber came to do some rough in work for the ductless condensation drains. We are putting all drainage of the ductless inside the walls so that it is neither visible from inside nor outside. Here in the basement all the ductless condensation lines are drained to the floor drain behind the stairs.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 7

Alex and Anthony from AV Mechanical  continues the plumbing rough in work.

This is the supply line to the kitchen island. There’s also a small copper line which is the ice maker water line for the refrigerator.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 6

More plumbing work today with more supply lines laid.

Here’s what I have in my mechanical room right now. On the left is the hot/cold pair for basement bathroom. The on the right side from the left I have hot/cold for 2nd floor bathroom, hot/cold for kitchen, hose bib for the back, and hot/cold for the 1st floor bathroom.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 5

Plumbing works continues today. With the drain pretty much finished, water supply lines are being laid out today.

I choose to have a manifold system to distribute the hot/cold water supply. So there are a lot of lines will need to be run from the mechanical room to the target location.We are looking at laundry room, basement washroom, 1st floor powder room, 1st floor kitchen, 2nd floor bathroom, and 2 hose bib one at the back of the house and one on the roof top terrace. So that’s 5 pair of hot/cold lines and 2 cold water only line that needs to be run.

Here we see the first 3 lines being laid. These are the hot/cold water lines for the 1st floor powder room, and the cold water to the hose bib at the back of the house. The supply lines are PEX or (cross-linked polyethylene) lines, so they are flexible. With the tight space I have in this house, it would have been super labour intensive to run copper pipes.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 4

Alex and Anthony from AV Mechanical is here to fix the roof drain that was temporary re-routed because of the HVAC ducts.

Back on September 23rd, the roof drain was re-route like this to allow the HVAC ducts to pass to the mechanical room. However this is not going to work because this means a lost of 3″ in the laundry room’s already low ceiling. What the HVAC contractor suggested was to route the roof drain all the way around the laundry room on the wall.

HVAC rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 3

Alex and Anthony from AV Mechanical continues with day 3 of the plumbing rough in.

Continue from the work completed from day 2 of the plumbing rough in, here you can see the main sanitary stack comes up from the 1st floor on the left side. It then travels across in a 6″ plumbing wall. In the middle of the plumbing wall, the thin black ABS pipe is the vent from 1st floor powder room. It connects with the main sanitary on the top. Inside the top of the wall to the left you can also see the vent from 2nd floor bathroom wraps around the wall and then goes into the joist space.

Pumbing rough in

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