HVAC rough in day 8

For the ductless side of the HVAC, the work continues on getting all the hangers made and installed for the rest of the three ceiling cassettes.

This is the unit on the 2nd floor on the west side. The hangers are completed. The cassette unit will not be installed because the roof needs to be spray foamed first.
HVAC rough in

This is inside the 2nd floor bedroom. The 2×6 bracing is installed, the hanger is not there yet. The units here will also not be installed so that the roof can be spray foamed first.

HVAC rough in

HVAC rough in day 7

HVAC rough in work continues. Here some of the ducts are covered up to protect them from debris and the eventual spray foam application.

HVAC rough in

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Electrical rough in

Abdul B Molla from Advanced Electrical Company started doing electrical rough in work today.

There are a few things that are different about this house. First is that a GFI outlet is installed near every toilet. This is so that I can install electrical bidet seats on the toilets. Here you can see the outlet in the basement bathroom.
Electrical rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 7

Alex and Anthony from AV Mechanical  continues the plumbing rough in work.

This is the supply line to the kitchen island. There’s also a small copper line which is the ice maker water line for the refrigerator.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 6

More plumbing work today with more supply lines laid.

Here’s what I have in my mechanical room right now. On the left is the hot/cold pair for basement bathroom. The on the right side from the left I have hot/cold for 2nd floor bathroom, hot/cold for kitchen, hose bib for the back, and hot/cold for the 1st floor bathroom.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 5

Plumbing works continues today. With the drain pretty much finished, water supply lines are being laid out today.

I choose to have a manifold system to distribute the hot/cold water supply. So there are a lot of lines will need to be run from the mechanical room to the target location.We are looking at laundry room, basement washroom, 1st floor powder room, 1st floor kitchen, 2nd floor bathroom, and 2 hose bib one at the back of the house and one on the roof top terrace. So that’s 5 pair of hot/cold lines and 2 cold water only line that needs to be run.

Here we see the first 3 lines being laid. These are the hot/cold water lines for the 1st floor powder room, and the cold water to the hose bib at the back of the house. The supply lines are PEX or (cross-linked polyethylene) lines, so they are flexible. With the tight space I have in this house, it would have been super labour intensive to run copper pipes.

Pumbing rough in

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Plumbing rough in day 4

Alex and Anthony from AV Mechanical is here to fix the roof drain that was temporary re-routed because of the HVAC ducts.

Back on September 23rd, the roof drain was re-route like this to allow the HVAC ducts to pass to the mechanical room. However this is not going to work because this means a lost of 3″ in the laundry room’s already low ceiling. What the HVAC contractor suggested was to route the roof drain all the way around the laundry room on the wall.

HVAC rough in

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HVAC rough in day 6

HVAC rough in work continues. The duct wall is pretty much completed on the 1st floor. The duct won’t be fully connected because we are leaving it open until the spray foam is completed behind it.

From the left, it is 3rd floor furnace supply, 3rd floor return air, 2nd floor return air 1 & 2, HRV return air from 2nd floor bathroom, and HRV fresh air supply to the 2nd floor bedroom.

HVAC rough in

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HVAC rough in day 5

HVAC rough in work continues today.

The duct wall is filling up. The left most duct is the supply duct for the 3rd floor. Then to is right the empty space will be for return air from 3rd floor. The two more square metal duct to the right are return air ducts from 2nd floor.

HVAC rough in

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HVAC rough in day 4

Dean from Hall’s Heat & Cool is back today doing more rough in work for HVAC.

More duct works are installed. Here you can see furnace supply and return ducts are hung all the way from the laundry room to the computer server room. The supply duct is on the right and return air is on the left.

HVAC rough in

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