Vapour barrier

Now we are finishing up all the vapour barriers. We are using  CertainTeed MemBrain which adapt its permeability depending on the climatic conditions. This is to avoid trapped moisture inside the wall which can happen if you use traditional 6 mil polyethylene vapour barrier.

Vapour barrier

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Cedar day 3

The cedar siding is now finally finished toda


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Strapping day 5

More strapping on the wall. For the north wall, we put the vapour barrier behind the strapping so that there are less chances that the vapour got punctured. This way when you hung a wall or otherwise make a hole on the wall, you are not going to make a hole on the vapour barrier as well.


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Strapping day 4

We are doing more strapping today. First we had to remove the strapping on the south wall at the entrance area. We had to add another 1/2″ to it since it has to be strapped out 2″ rather than 1.5″. So we removed the existing ones and added a layer of 1/2″ plywood behind the wood and screw the strapping back on.


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HVAC rough in day 12

Dean continues to get the rest of the HVAC work done.

Now we got all the duct works done. Here is the supply and return air to the furnace. You can also see the round cut on the top that will go to the HRV.

HVAC rough in

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Cedar day 1 & 2

Carlos’s crew from Pleasant Homes Construction is here to install the cedar siding. I’m having clear cedar siding installed under the front shade, under the rear balcony and at the south-west corner.

Here’s what the have done so far on the front. There was a bit problem on the side, the recessed light was too close to the plywood that the siding cannot be installed. There’s about 1″ of space to move towards the outside, and after that move, it barely made the cut.


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Strapping day 3

Doing more strapping work myself. Here on the west side of the house, the wall will not be used for anything so it is fully strapped horizontally.


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Strapping day 2

Tried to do some strapping work by myself. Here on the 2nd floor in the bedroom, the walls are strapped horizontally. The left part of the bedroom here is going to be filled by a wall to wall closet. So certainly we are not going to need to find those vertical studs.


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HVAC rough in day 11

Dean from Hall’s Heat & Cool continues to work on the HVAC rough in today. We stopped HVAC work because we want the spray form to complete as the HVAC work will block access to do spray foam properly.

Here in the basement, the ducts are now connected going up to the 1st floor.

HVAC rough in

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Today we started strapping the inside of the exterior wall. As mentioned on the “Exterior wall construction with Swedish roots“, the exterior wall of this house is designed so that there is a 2×2 strapping on both the outside and inside of the 2×6 stud wall.

We started with the east side of the house. Instead of using 2×2 for strapping, we split the 2×4 in the middle and use the two pieces. We then pre-drill and then secure the strapping with 8×3 construction screws.


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