Deck day 5

Deck work continues. Here are all the concrete footings.

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Deck day 4

A ledger board is secured to the concrete foundation. This ledger board is not meant to support the weight of the deck. Instead it is mean to simply tied to the deck post and make sure the deck is not moving away or towards the house.



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Deck day 3

The material for the deck is delivered today.


Schluter systems day 1

Did some work to put the Schluter System’s KERDI boards up. I’ve got the shower niche installed as well and the shower pane cut to size. The KERDI boards are secured using special washers for the KERDI boards and screws onto the stud.
Schluter Systems

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Deck day 2

The concrete footings for the deck is now poured.


They have covered it due to the raining weather.


Vapour barrier day 2

Finishing up the vapour barriers. Here on the first floor the bottom sections are all completed.

Vapour barrier

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Deck day 1

The construction of the rear deck has started. My neighbour at 161 Chisholm and I are using the same contractor The Deck Guys to create a deck for both of us. My deck is a very small 5 foot wide deck that has 16′ wide stairs. I’ve choose to use composite decking with hidden fasteners to give that sleek clean modern look as well as simple maintenance.

Here’s the aftermath of the drilling for all the holes for footings.

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Schluter systems delivery

Today a delivery of Schluter Systems products. These are going into the bathroom to make the bathroom water tight as well as create the liner drain channels that I wanted to create. Here what you see are the KERDI boards. These are waterproof foam boards that’s used to board up the shower areas.

Schluter Systems

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Electrical day 17

More electrical works. The low voltage run for the speakers are now completed. I have ran 2 set of wires to the left and to the right. Two more set to the back on the wall but most likely they are not going to be used as there’s no space for actual surround speakers and two more sets of wires into the ceiling for in-ceiling surround speakers.



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Electrical day 16

Some more electrical works today. Here’s speaker wires ran to low voltage brackets on the wall.


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