Door trim day 2

Most of the doors have been delivered. So the trim work continues.

Here the sliding door is installed. There are two sliding doors in the house. This one is the door between master bedroom and master bathroom. There’s another sliding door in the basement for the laundry room.



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Deck day 8

This is 8th day of deck building. Because there are two decks being built at the same time, the progress is slower than usual. Here you can see the guard rail is being cladded with deck boards.


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Resilient channels

Continue to install resilient channels on all the ceilings. This is the first floor kitchen / family room area.

Resilient channels

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Deck day 7

Work on the deck continues today. The deck boards are now being installed as well as the two guardrails on both side of the deck.


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Drywalling mechanical room.

This is the mechanical room. Instead of leaving the mechanical room just bare and unfinished, I want to properly drywall the mechanical room and paint it. But since this is a room that’s not really being used or visible all the time, I’ve decided to just do it myself. So I hung all the drywall using 5/8″ Type-X drywall and trimmed around all the openings. This way, once mudded and painted, it will have the same slick trim-less finish, just a slightly lower grade.

Mechanical room

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Door trim day 1

Cleiton Batista from Batista Contractor is here today to work on the door frames. One might ask why is the door frame being installed before you even have drywall? We are doing a no trim finish. Meaning that there will be no trims around door frames or window frames. So drywall will have to go all the way to the door frame. And that’s why door frame has to be installed before drywall is hung.


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Plumbing day 10 & 11

AV mechanical is here to continue the plumbing work. Here we pulled those PEX lines out of the spray foam. I added a little spray foam just so that the gap we left behind from the PEX lines is covered.


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Electrical day 18

More electrical work. This time we are adding low voltage lines for the HRV control and the furnace control. This is the main HRV control just outside of the mechanical room in the basement.



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Deck day 6

Deck work continues, here the stair stringers are all cut and read to go.


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Plumbing day 9

AV Mechanical is here to do more plumbing work. Here the shower tub drain is installed and the tub filler is secured.


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