Water meter inspection

City water services is here to inspect the water meter installation. They are happy with the installation and so I now officially have water.


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The Deck Guys are here and completed the fence. The fence is horizontal boarded using Micro Pro Sienna treated wood.



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Water meter

Asked AV Mechanical to come and change some plumbing around the water meter to suite city’s requirement better. Here I’ve asked them to change the piping all the way to 1″ size so that it is consistent with the incoming size. Also two ball valves are installed before and after the water meter as an overall shut off. With my manifold system, I really don’t need a main shutoff after the water meter since I can shut off each component individually. But having a main shutoff is part of city’s requirement and it probably is better for me anyway.

Water meter

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Interior insulation / soundproofing day 3

Continue to install insulation for the basement. Here the wall between the laundry room and mechanical room is now finally finished.

Interior insulation / soundproffing

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Electrical clean up

Finished up all the needed plastic sheets for the interior soundproofing.

Interior insulation / soundproffing


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Interior insulation / soundproofing day 2

Continue to put up the plastic sheet needed to hold the Roxual Safe’n’Sound in place all around the interior wall. We are only putting the plastic sheet on a single side to avoid trapping moisture inside the wall. Here’s the first floor powder room.

Interior insulation / soundproffing

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Interior insulation / soundproofing

Finished up the rest of the resilient channel installation and we started on interior insulation / soundproofing today. For the computer room because it will maintain a lower temperature, we decided to use Roxual R22 insulation on the interior walls around the computer room.

Interior insulation / soundproffing

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Water meter installation

AV Mechanical is on site today to install the water meter. The water meter now requires a conduit to the exterior where a remote read out device can be installed. This is the conduit that comes out and the wiring for the remote read out device.

Water meter

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Mechanical room

Mudded the mechanical room and now painted it as well.

Mechanical room

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Deck day 9

Deck work continues. Here you can see that the guard rail is almost fully cladded.


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